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R1 Cigarettes

R1 Cigarettes – The cigarettes that you will keep in mind

The tobacco market keeps expanding and the industry now is full of good products that create a very strong competition. There are brands that you choose “by-default” and it becomes difficult to switch to something else, even when you feel like you need a change.

If you are scared to experiment, you can always rely on us and our customers’ feedback that will guarantee you the making of a decision you will not regret.

We strongly recommend you to go for R1 cigarettes.

These brand is really affordable and the quality of the tobacco is very high. The finest tobacco is not the only advantage. The cigarettes are smooth, have a soft feel to them and the aroma is simply phenomenal.

R1 cigarettes may not be customers’ number 1 choice straight away, but they definitely become memorable and the aftertaste these cigarettes deliver give smokers some of the emotion that are difficult to top later on. That is how people become addicted to them.

As soon as you start smoking them, you know the difference. You expected the difference and you definitely got it.

Most customers on our website describe them as sophisticated and posh, giving a sense of glory and empowerment. Isn’t it the experience you want to be a part of?

R1 is sensational tobacco product – not too strong, rather mild but enjoyable and qualitative for sure. If you want to taste the realest tobacco – choose R1. Elegant packs only make the impression brighter. These cigarettes are perfect for any occasion and suit every gender.

Our online market will gladly deliver the brand in the shortest time possible. You will be truly mesmerized by the addictive features of these cigarettes. You will become a fan, this is a fact.

We offer you a very attractive deal on R1 cigarettes. The more you get – the happier you are. Trust us on it.