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Clan Cigarettes

Clan – The real Scandinavian tobacco

The taste that you surely will remember for the rest of your life. This is how most customers on this website would describe the taste.

Clan is known to be a pipe tobacco and the world’s best selling brand of flavored tobaccos. A wonderful mixture of two varieties of sweet Virginia with a hint of Black Cavendish, Laatakia and aromatic Burley.

Usually the smokers could imagine the cigarettes having chocolate with bits of caramel and spices as this is what the taste reminds them of. Isn’t it something you would want to try to?

Clan pipe tobacco is an original blend of the best varieties, providing a unique taste and rich aroma. The highlight of Clan is the taste and aroma of classic Scotch whiskey, which is the ideal companion for a smoked pipe.

Depending on your preference you could get Clan Original (classic) pipe as well as Clan Aromatic or Clan Highland Gold.

Clan original (Classic) will impress you with the aroma and the aftertaste that is meant to mesmerize you.

Admirers of soft, natural flavored tobaccos should try Clan Highland Gold. The blend contains tobacco leaves of more than 14 different varieties.

Lovers of flavored varieties should buy Clan Aromatic tobacco. The smell and taste of whiskey are more pronounced and distinct in this pipe tobacco.

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