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King Edward

King Edward Cigarettes

King Edward cigars – Your high-class tobacco addiction

We are proud to present to you King Edward cigars. These machine-made cigars are ranked extremely high by our customers. The reason being the quality of the tobacco and multiple sizes and flavors the brand has.

The cigars are a 100% natural product – affordable, smooth and mild in taste and memorable in perception.

The size fits your pocket perfectly and this is just an additional advantage.

Back in 1920 Kind Edward seemed to be a revolutionary invention. The cigars still have the imprint of that period of time. Named after Kind Edward, the cigars are considered to be suitable for smokers with the extravagant taste.

Our online store offers an impressive variety of Kind Edward cigars for a very attractive price.

We know how much our customers love a good promotion so we keep offering one from time to time.

As much as we would love to have them in stock all the time, there too many requests so these cigars disappear quickly.

We insist on you ordering them from us today and have them at your door within a couple of days.

Our online store will keep you posted on the latest sale items and we hope we will be able to make you happy with more discounted products from Kind Edward. Keep an eye on us.