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King Cigarettes

King – The cigarettes that are destined to win your heart

If you ever wonder if there are any tobacco products that are better than the rest, then most smokers will name these. King is the cigarette brand that speaks for itself.

King is a brand made of blended tobacco mixture in which Virginia tobaccos predominate. It delivers unique blend and flavor that cannot be found in any other cigarette.

King cigarettes are produced according to the highest International standards of cigarettes manufacturing.

Currently owned by House of Prince, they are among the most favorite premium brands in the USA. For high quality tobacco lovers, King represents the perfect cigarette choice.

Europe feel in love with the King cigarettes years ago and ever since that moment the customers from the continent have been obsessed with the unique taste and incredible aftertaste of these cigarettes.

The brand is manufactured under ISO standards and is on the same level with the most famous brands with the highest reputation. Also it is worth mentioning that the cigarette brand is a perfect combination of nicotine and tar.

The design is also super attractive which is a definite bonus as many customers have expressed their ability to judge the cigarettes by the carton.

The aroma these cigarettes are willing to deliver to you will stay in your memory forever. We mean it. According to our survey these cigarettes attract more customers from the first puff than the rest.

And, of course, we want to give you an opportunity to order King cigarettes with a significant discount. We always want to make sure our customer are happy and they want to return for more shopping.