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Benson & Hedges

Benson & Hedges Cigarettes

Benson & Hedges – Decades of traditional tobacco blending

Everything you always wanted to know about English culture and traditions will come to you with just one cigarette. It is hard to believe it, but it is true. The English are obsessed with their image and try to impress at everything they do.

When it comes to tobacco, the industry professionals from England seem to be the true experts in cigarette manufacturing.

Benson & Hedges is an English creation with some of the biggest names in production behind it - Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco and Japan Tobacco.

The story tells us that the brand manufactures the cigarettes using the rich Virginia tobacco which is well-known as a high-class product among the smokers all over the world. It has been so ever since 1873 – the year when Richard Benson and William Hedges first came up the product that nowadays knows its unbelievable success.

Benson & Hedges are quite strong so if you prefer a milder type of cigarettes then this product will not suit your needs well.

Go for Benson & Hedges only with the condition that you want a sophisticated “grown-up” taste. Any other reasons just will not do.

Our website offers you a wide range of tobacco products for the occasional or day-to-day use.

If you want to go for Benson & Hedges we will surely offer you the best price and the real authentic product that you can recommend to other smokers. Make sure you order your cartons from us while the stock lasts.