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Karelia Cigarettes

Karelia – The First Class smoking experience

Karelia is a famous cigarette company that has originated from Greece. Karelia brands are sold in more than 65 countries around the globe in Western and Eastern Europe. The Company produces an average of 15 billion cigarettes per year and employs approximately 500 people worldwide to perform their duties on the most professional level.

The cigarettes that go under the same name – Karelia- are a well-known Greek creation that has gained its popularity in most countries of the world because of the highest quality tobacco.

Apart from a few types, most Karelia variations are designed for ladies. Women get to smoke exactly the combination of tar and nicotine they like and they also get well-designed packs.

Not knowing what to expect, many customers do not expect much from these cigarettes. And this is a one big mistake because the brand can guarantee you a wonderful smoking experience that you will definitely want to repeat.

Karelia come as slim cigarettes of 20 in a pack, at 6 mg of nicotine and 6 mg of tar.

There is a great choice of Karelia cigarettes – Karelia Slims Menthol Cigarettes, Karelia Slims Blue Cigarettes, Karelia Slims Creme Color Cigarettes, Karelia Slims and Superslims and so on.

Our online shop tends to sell the most requested types and usually there are quite a few variants to choose from.

Even the strong Karelia varieties feel smooth when compared to other similar brands. This makes the cigarettes special and highly demanded on our website.

The tobacco product that is usually considered “premium class” cigarettes is available to you for the most attractive price.

Do not wait long enough to order Karelia from us.