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IQOS HeatSticks

IQOS HeatSticks Cigarettes

Heets – a brand new and exciting electronic tobacco invention.

The era of electronic cigarettes has arrived. We are currently living in the world where the inventions take over and you can’t believe the alternatives some companies come up with for the well-known products.

Heets or HeatSticks is a way to smoke without the aid of fire. What is the major benefit of electronic smoking? It is definitely less harmful for you. Also you won’t be able to make others uncomfortable – you smoking won’t threat anyone around you.

Philip Morris International company stands behind this creation and have proudly presented the new e-cigarette design to the world.

The natural cigarettes replacement is dominating the market at the moment and the HNB items (Heat-Not-Burn) are very easy to use. Despite the fact that many think of them as of extremely expensive and complicated devices – they were manufactured so that each and every one finds them appealing and cool. Use three simple steps to try something unknown and receive a totally new experience. You need to insert a stick into the holder, turn on the button on it and hold it until the flashing green light comes on.

When you order HeatSticks with us, we guarantee you the original and qualitative product delivered right to your door. will give you every product you were searching for for the most reasonable price delivered in the shortest time frame. Don’t hesitate to order your e-cigarettes today!