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Sobranie Cigarettes

Sobranie – Cigarettes with the decades of history.

The Real British cigarettes are well-known and much appreciated by our society for over a century. The brand was founded back in 1879 in the capital of Great Britain, London. What usually makes a brand stand out? Unbelievable taste and the feeling the cigarette leaves after smoking. Sobranie is that type of tobacco products that provokes addiction.

With years that have passed the Sobranie brand has only become better and better. But the famous cigarettes have not only stayed inside the Great Britain. Today the brand is manufactured in different parts of the world which has influenced the decision to buy it even more.

The most attractive fact about this brand is that it comes in different flavors and for each taste. For example you can purchase Sobranie Black Russian, Sobranie Cocktail, Sobranie Blue Cigarettes, Sobranie Classic Silver Cigarettes and other kinds. You don’t have to smoke strong cigarettes if you are a lady. Sobranie always makes sure the brand offers you something unique and mild. You can get a regular sized cigarettes as well as slim ones if you choose to. is happy to announce that the best possible deals can be found in our online store. It’s our pleasure to bring this authentic branded product to your door. Pay attention to the Sale items on the front page.