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Kool Cigarettes

Kool Cigarettes – Isn’t it cool to smoke Kool?

Kool cigarettes are the easiest cigarette brand name to remember. You cannot forget you want something Kool, can you?

There is a story behind the brand’s name. Back in 1933 Brown and Williamson tobacco company have introduced Kool cigarettes tp the world. The main idea was to show the smokers something totally different from the rest. But not just to show as an image, but the idea was to offer a very special taste that would stick in your memory for a long period of time.

But the success did not come easy. At first the company was just popular in their hometown but later on the situation changed.

What is so special about Kool?

Launched in 1933, Kool was the first menthol brand to gain nationwide distribution and it quickly became one of the world’s most famous menthol cigarettes. Kool is distinctive among menthol cigarettes because it delivers an intense menthol smoking experience that is bold, yet smooth.

The cool and bright images on the pack have always given people association with freshness and calmness. The colors on the pack have always varied from marine blue to turquoise.

Tobacco-menthol union is a great combo that is reflected in two intertwining O letters on the Kool logo. A very attractive sign on the pack that helps the customers to recall the pack no matter where they see it.

A very deep flavor makes the cigarettes unforgettable and difficult to give up on.

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