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Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Lucky Strike – Incredibly lucky to smoke Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike is one of the most popular cigarette brands of all time. The whole world seems to know about the brand that is unique and distinctive, offering a rich, smooth, and satisfying smoking experience to the customer from every corner of the world.

The tobacco product we now know as Lucky trike was first presented in 1871 and was made of a new tobacco blend.

The inventor, R.A. Patterson had given the cigarettes that push that led to world domination. Today Lucky Strike is owned by British American Tobacco group - the most famous tobacco enterprise that helps cigarette brands get their recognition.

Known as “luckies”, the cigarettes are probably the coolest cigarettes one can smoke.

When back in 1920’s the popularity of Lucky Strike took over the USA, the manufacturers were so excited about the success that decided to make a step forward and get the rest of the world acquainted with Lucky Strike. This is what they did.

Over trillion cigarettes sold around the globe so far, and the number is growing every day.

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