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Chesterfield Cigarettes

Chesterfield – The taste that gives you chills

Chesterfield is a famous American brand with years of remarkable reputation. The idea behind the whole manufacturing process has always been simple – the company wanted to deliver the best tobacco product to the consumer.

Years of dedication have shown that Drummond Tabacco Company from Missouri, that had introduced this tobacco product back in 1873, brought a remarkable product to the market. The world conquering process was successful back then and is still successful today.

The brand is a perfect mixture of Turkish and Virginia tobacco blends. The combination of both makes Chesterfield one of the most desirable cigarette brands of all times.

These cigarettes were originally named after a Country in Virginia – Chesterfield. Nowadays the brand belongs to Altria.

Back in 1916 Chesterfield were the first cigarette brand ever that added an extra layer of wrapping to the pack in order to preserve moisture. This absolutely new invention in the tobacco industry made Chesterfield the best selling sticks of that time.

Over the years the situation has changed and it became more and more difficult to impress the smokers. But Chesterfield manage to do it. The variety of products the brand has, from – stronger, milder, smoother cigarettes, can guarantee you the satisfaction of all your needs.

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Smokers appreciate Chesterfield brand for the medium moist taste – not too strong and not really “ ladies” cigarettes. The quality of the product is amazing and the customers always rank it very high.

We are proud to have them on the list of products and we can guarantee you will like them just like most smokers do.

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