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Drum Cigarettes

Drum tobacco – The tobacco experience that can change your life for good

The brand has been around for quite some time but most smokers do not know enough about I due to the small amount of informative knowledge regarding the brand’s history.

The smokers on our website request Drum tobacco for several reasons – the quality of the tobacco offered by the brand to its customers and the cheapest online market prices that we are able to guarantee on our end.

Drum is a Dutch brand that was first introduced to thee world back in 1956. Many of you must have heard of Douwe Egberts corporation – that is a highly recognized name in the industry that is known for many successful creations.

This fine-cut hand-rolling tobacco piece by Douwe Egberts set a world standard of what fine tobacco should taste, feel and be like. But the company had been purchased by Sara Lee Corporations, which later sold Drum tobacco to its current British manufacturer – Imperial brands.

Drum tobacco is known in smoking circles all around the globe but the popularity in the USA seemed to be larger than life. Today Drum seems to be discontinued there but smokers still are able to get their favorite tobacco and take maximum pleasure from it.

The two kinds of Drum available on the market at this period of time differs one from another. Both are extremely popular with the smokers even though they are not alike at all.

The company made sure smokers could try 2 types of Drum – the European version is barrel-cured in the Netherlands using a centuries-old process, while the American version is made at the Top Tobacco factory in North Carolina. It is up to you which one to go for. Different in taste and even the method of production, both of these deserve a try.

Our website will gladly deliver the best Drum tobacco to you, for the most attractive price and convenient delivery options. Do not hesitate to order Drum today and take advantage of the discont that you will not be able to resist.