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Esse Cigarettes

Esse cigarettes – The classiest way to smoke.

Esse is a creation of Korean Tomorrow & Global Corporation that was introduced to the world back in 1996. Today the popularity of the brand has reached its peak. It has crossed over the borders of South Korea and has dominated the markets of Russia and Eastern Europe where the smokers are in love with the delicate taste of Esse cigarettes. The brand’s target are women therefore the slims and superslims marked Esse have much lower tar and nicotine content than ordinary cigarettes.

Since 2006 the brand has been present in Asia and some European countries but still has not hit the United States market.

Due to the implementation of new technologies of tobacco growth and processing – Esse brand has become the symbol of women and smoking with class and rationality. It’s strictly luxurious and glamorous type that demands respect and attitude from the smokers.

The flavors offered by are 100mm long and 5mm wide, that automatically fall into the Super Slim Category.

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