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Newport Cigarettes

Newport – The freshness you can taste

Newport brand originates from Newport, Rhode Island. Surprising, isn’t it?

Newport is an American brand of menthol cigarettes, currently owned and manufactured by the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. The company is a well-known tobacco mogul that has some of the biggest names in its portfolio.

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Ever since 1957 the brand is famous for its rich tobacco taste and aroma.

Lorillard Tobacco - the company that once came up with the idea of creating the cigarettes that would stand out from the rest, did their job very well. At some point Newport had become the cigarettes no one could do without because there was no menthol alternative. If you wanted to get a great mint flavor – you would have to get Newport.

You breathe mint and you breathe out mint too. What can be better than freshness in your mouth capable of bringing you the biggest pleasure?

The brand is present on the market in several types – Full Flavor, Medium and Lights with menthol ( also can be found without menthol).

In US, Newport cigarettes have undergone certain changes and are know as Newport Blue and Newport Gold.

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Whether you are skeptic or not, you will admit these cigarettes are “ something else”. The quality of the tobacco blend is exactly what makes Newport such desired cigarettes.

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